Calendar of Events

We’re analyzing the alignment of the stars, the moon, and the planets before determining specific dates, but please check back as we have much planned for the next several months.


Plate Painting in the Park – Havenwood Falls residents, join us in Town Square Park for our annual plate painting competition. Start thinking about your scene now and don’t forget the purple pig! The winning design will be featured on souvenirs sold throughout town for a full year.


Moons in the Mist Bon Fire – Havenwoods Falls residents and tourists gather at the lake in Danzan Park to kick off summer! There will be music, beer, and BBQ. Bring your chairs and blankets for an afternoon by the lake and an evening under the stars.


Midsummers Night (Terrors) (Summer Solstice) – For those who live in the shadows, this is your night to come out and be yourself. Just remember our Number 1 Rule: No killing humans. (Unless marked by the Court of the Moon and the Stars.)


Mathews River Paddlefest – Kayaking, rafting, and tubing down Mathews River. Start at Danzan Park and grab a bus ride back when you’re done. Don’t want to test the icy waters? Cheer your friends on from the banks while enjoying picnics and family fun.


Parade of the Perseids – Get your float ready for our parade of stars under the stars! Best float and best costume contests with amazing prizes from our sponsors. Join the fun in downtown Havenwood Falls.


Founders Day (Autumn Equinox) – It’s arguably the biggest celebration of the year! A day full of games, activities, re-enactment, and the crowning of Miss Teen Havenwood Falls. Just don’t stick around too late, or you might find yourself mixed up the witches gathering, which could be detrimental to your well-being.


Carnival at the Falls – Enjoy the Alversons’ annual carnival at the waterfalls. 

Havenwood Falls High Homecoming – It’s Havenwood Falls High Homecoming! Don your blue and silver and cheer on our team. Go Dragons!