Discover the magic of Havenwood Falls

Located in a box canyon in western Colorado, picturesque Havenwood Falls offers breathtaking views, four beautiful seasons, and the quaint charm of a small town. A couple hours’ drive from the nearest box store, and surrounded by mountains, thousands of forested acres, and crisp streams and hot springs, it provides seclusion that its supernatural residents and visitors enjoy, allowing them to be themselves—at least some of the time. Common belief is that Havenwood Falls began as a Victorian mining town, evident in its many structures of that era, but if legends are true, the history may go back much further.

The originating families of this small, unusual town want the world to believe it’s a fictional place, that it doesn’t truly exist. As you become immersed in the stories of Havenwood Falls and its people – er, characters – you will come to believe that it’s not only real, but that you want to be there. That is the beauty of master story-telling by our talented authors.

The stories to be told about this little town are endless, encompassing all areas of the paranormal and fantasy genres, including paranormal romance, urban fantasy, supernatural suspense, and supernatural mystery. They include Young Adult and Adult, spanning from squeaky clean to knee-weakening erotica (separate series, of course). We will continue to share new stories as long as you want to read them. This is a multi-series, multi-author shared world where each story is an original creation by one of our many authors, some best-selling and award-winning and others making their debut. Each series launches with three novellas followed by a new release every month, as well as bundles.

Each series is separate and each book is (usually) a standalone, so you can skip along however you like or read them all! If you prefer a reading order, we update the list with links every Monday on the blog (Sun and Moon Tribune).


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The Darker & Sexier Side of Havenwood Falls



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4 on-going series of paranormal fantasy novellas

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All kinds of species, including various shifters, witches, vampires, angels, sirens, gargoyles, and more



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