Havenwood Falls paranormal fantasy stories

Every town has its stories, but not many compare to those of Havenwood Falls. After all, you can’t find its unique balance of supernatural and human population anywhere else…as far as we know anyway. It’s not like the people of these kinds of towns would ever divulge those secrets. But we are! We have plenty of worthy tales to share with you about Havenwood Falls and all the “interesting” people who live and visit here. We invite you in – but be forewarned. We’ve been known to grab you by the soul and never let go.

Our Havenwood Falls paranormal fantasy stories fall into four series:

Havenwood Falls – Launching Summer 2017

Havenwood Falls High – Launching Fall 2017

Havenwood Falls Erotica – Launching 2018

Legends of Havenwood Falls – Launching 2018

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