Havenwood Falls Volume Seven

By Melissa Wright, Seven Jane, T.V. Hahn

Series: Havenwood Falls

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Cover Design: Regina Wamba, MaeIDesign.com

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Three paranormal fantasy novellas (books 22-24) in this multi-author shared world of Havenwood Falls, home to sexy men, strong women, and neighbors who bite.

The Ward & the Wanderers by T.V. Hahn

Sequel to The Winged & the Wicked—Teeny Weeny Tahini’s life had always been quiet and simple, just the way she liked it. At least, until her owl-shifter nephew Mat came to town with trouble on his heels. She and her extraordinary friends saved the day, but their happily ever after was short lived. Now, the spring faerie has been haunted not only by nightmares but also her past. Coralie, her long-time mermaid friend, is in danger, and the only way to save her is to bring her to Havenwood Falls. But traveling with a mermaid isn’t easy.

Toil & Trouble by Melissa Wright

Circe strikes out on her own in Havenwood Falls, far away from the constant reminders that someone wants her blood. Evan is that someone. He’s a shifter—a truth he’s hidden his entire existence—and now, thanks to a binding deal, he’s charged with locating Circe. This job is all he needs to resolve his bargain with the Council, yet Evan can’t seem to follow through. When the council tires of waiting, though, they take matters into their own hands. And Evan must decide: step out of the shadows to save her, or keep his own skin.

Of Salt and Stars by Seven Jane

For as long as she can remember, Maris Heilen has been haunted by dreams of a beautiful woman beckoning to her from beneath the water. When her dreams take on a new sense of urgency following the mysterious death of her estranged father, Maris knows it’s time to uproot and move on, her soul pulled to the west, toward the water—toward her. Instead she finds herself drawn to a surreal little town high in the Colorado mountains, where she discovers her past is linked to a legend even more haunting than her dreams.

Welcome to Havenwood Falls, home to sexy men, strong women, and neighbors who bite. Discover supernatural mystery, thrills, and romance in a place where everyone has a deep, dark, and often deadly secret. This collection features three paranormal fantasy novellas in this multi-author shared world series.

The Havenwood Falls shared world is a collaborative effort by multiple authors across multiple series all in the paranormal fantasy genre, allowing readers to discover new authors and stories to fall in love with. Each author brings a stand-alone plotline, so they can be read in any order, but there are many crossovers among the stories.

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