Kallie Ross, author of Written in the Stars (A Havenwood Falls High Novella), will be spending more time in Havenwood Falls, penning more books about the town and our people.

NASHVILLE — Not even the sheriff’s family and pack are safe from the imaginations of the authors who have descended on Havenwood Falls. We assume Kallie Ross, author of Written in the Stars, has imagined her story, as her agreement with the Court of the Sun and the Moon requires these authors’ accounts of our people and our town be fiction. However, those in the know will confirm that Willa Kasun, the sheriff’s daughter, is in line for alpha of the pack but hasn’t shifted yet. What more truths has Ross disclosed in her novella? Only those involved truly know. Sun & Moon Tribune shares this exclusive interview with Ross.

What inspired this particular storyline?

Willa’s story came to mind when I was thinking of the awkward years I went through from age eight to about sixteen. My lack of coordination, along with my foot-in-mouth syndrome, supplied me with a number of embarrassing moments. But, that time also helped me see who my real friends were.

What made you choose these particular creatures?

I’ve never written wolf shifters before, and while I know there are stereotypes surrounding any shifter I wanted to create a pack (and a main character) that pushed past the boundaries of literary cliches.

What’s your favorite line?

Can I only pick one? Here goes…

“I think I want to change things, and not just for me,” she answered, looking up to meet his gaze.

What did you enjoy most about writing this story?

The collaboration on this project has been incredible! Not only did I work side-by-side with Morgan Wylie and Kristen Yard, but Kristie Cook and I had a ton of fun dreaming up the places and characters you’ll be reading about. There was also the editing process (which I typically despise), and Michele G. Miller and Amy Hale gave me feedback… With so many wonderful people involved I knew the story couldn’t be anything but fantastic!

Have you ever lived in a place like Havenwood Falls? How does Havenwood Falls compare to where you call home?

Never! I wish I was so lucky, if so I’d probably want live there forever! I call Nashville, TN, home, and I love the creative community it provides. Some of the surrounding towns are almost as quaint at Havenwood Falls, but they’re lacking a certain supernatural charm.

What made you decide to write a Havenwood Falls story?

I will always jump at the chance to work with Kristie Cook, write young adult fiction, and dream up female lead characters who inspire readers. This Havenwood Falls project hit all three targets, and I was ecstatic to work with the authors involved…I couldn’t say no!

If you lived in Havenwood Falls, what kind of creature would you be and why?

Oh! My initial reaction would be to choose wolf shifter, but Tarron has an elf for a dad and witch for a mom. His abilities are rare and strong, not to mention he’s uniquely good looking and charming. All qualities I’d love to exude!

What has been the most surprising aspect of writing in this Shared World?

The camaraderie amongst authors and creative collaboration have been the biggest surprise. Authors tend to work alone, and writing can pull an author away from human interaction for hours at a time. Working with the Havenwood Falls authors has encouraged and inspired me!

Would you do a project like this again?

Absolutely! I have two Havenwood Falls projects in the works. The first is a sweet romance co-written with Susan Burdorf, and the second is a story about Tate Kasun’s journey.

Apparently, Ross will be spending more time in Havenwood Falls. You’ll most likely find her at Coffee Haven. You will definitely find her this Thursday with the Havenwood Falls Book Club, where they will be discussing Written in the Stars and Ross will be doing a LIVE Video Q&A session, beginning at 9 a.m. MT (11 a.m. ET). Join in the book discussion here.

About the Book

Written in the Stars by Kallie Ross The Kasun wolf pack has always been led by a female alpha, but when Willa Kasun’s mother died to give her life, her father stepped in as leader. Now that she’s about to come of age, the pack will once again be led by a female, as it is meant to be. Except Willa hasn’t shifted yet.

Less wolf and more cub-dud, Willa has until her next birthday to shift and claim her place as alpha, or she’ll lose it forever. Something her pack mates won’t let her forget. The few supernatural powers that have manifested are her secret and the only hope she has of unleashing her wolf.

Distractions of life as a junior at Havenwood Falls High provide a needed escape from the pack’s pressure, making Willa feel more like a teenager and less like an alpha every day. Then there’s Tarron Wilde, a sarcastic and striking elf, who makes her wonder if being alpha is really what she wants.

Her heart yearns for a reality unfamiliar and feared by her pack, while her mind can’t accept being replaced as alpha. The future of her entire pack relies on Willa’s choice—embrace what was written in the stars so long ago or choose to fight for what her heart desires.

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About the Author

Writing unique adventures with heart.

Kallie Ross has a passion for writing that has become an adventure in itself. She desires to create unique young adult fiction that incorporates legend, conjecture, fantasy, and conviction.

In addition to loving her life as a writer, Kallie adores being a wife, mother, friend, and teacher. She began her creative journey with books, a blog, podcast, and lots of caffeine. Ross never imagined her own adventure would be filled with so many wonderful people or words!
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