HAVENWOOD FALLS — Sheriff Ric Kasun has added yet another Kasun pack member to his department. His son Tate Kasun is the new police cadet serving our lovely town. Sun & Moon Tribune sat down with him for a brief interview.

Tell us about yourself 

Hey there, my name is Tate Kasun. I’m Sheriff Ric Kasun’s second son, and a police cadet. Since my mother’s passing, I’ve felt somewhat responsible for my younger siblings. They’re twins, and while my younger brother is a mini-me of our father, my sister and I are more alike. Now that they’re in high school, I’m enjoying the single life, as well as helping out at my family’s outdoor supply store by guiding hikes in the surrounding forest.

What is something unexpected that most people don’t know about you?

I graduated third in my class from HFH, and I almost accepted a scholarship to study mathematics in college. Instead, I stayed here to serve and protect the town as a police officer. My family has a reputation for being Havenwood Falls guard dogs.

What do you love about living in Havenwood Falls? What frustrates you most?

Havenwood Falls has so many hidden treasures, and I love exploring the terrain. My work keeps me at a desk or behind a steering wheel most days, and I’d rather be working outdoors.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

I think I’d like to be a forest ranger at the Redwood National Park or Olympic National Forest. Maybe, I could just camp out at our very own Mt. Alexa.

Where’s your favorite place to hang out in Havenwood Falls and why?

I love being at Backwoods Sport & Ski. My mom ran the store for what felt like forever, and being there reminds me of her. I get to teach locals and tourists about the outdoors, as well as guide treks through the area. 

What’s your favorite holiday/festival/special thing to do?

Definitely Moons in the Mist Bonfire! The event kicks off Summer, and while I like to ski, hiking up the mountain under canopies of green is my favorite thing to do. I tend to hike from one bonfire to another into the night, then my friends and I howl at the moon.

While Tate Kasun plays a small role in the recently released Written in the StarsHavenwood Falls Book Club, Kallie Ross, one of the authors invading our charming town, has confirmed he will be featured in one of her books publishing in 2018. Learn more about Ross and all the Kasuns when she visits with the tomorrow, Oct. 26, starting at 9 a.m. MT (11 a.m. ET).

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