Author Invasion: Daniele Lanzarotta

By Olea Sprig
Sun & Moon Tribune

HAVENWOOD FLALS – Today we are talking with Daniele Lanzarotta, the author of Blurred Lines, a Havenwood Falls High novella. Lanzarotta writes young adult and new adult
novels. Some of her other works are: Academy of the Fallen series, Imprinted
Souls Series, A Mermaids Curse, plus many more.

Daniele what is a book that has inspired you?

Twilight. I just loved the character development. I got so attached to the characters that
I needed more, so I started writing a fan-fiction. Soon after, I felt the need
to create my own stories and characters. That is where it all started.

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

Oh, that is a tough question. Probably Betty White. I’m sure time would go by super fast
considering her sense of humor. Lol

Out of all of the books you have written which one is your favorite?

I don’t think I can choose just one, but two of my top favorites were Avenoir and
Sudden Hope. With Avenoir, I just loved the concept of a shared world. It was
challenging in the best possible way, and I learned so much by working with
Kristie Cook. I also quickly fell in love with the characters.

Sudden Hope is a top favorite because of the messages weaved into it. It deals with so many
issues that teens face, and I really hope it helps people.

What is your go-to Genre to read?

YA Paranormal. I love stories about first kisses, first love…and the paranormal
elements just take everything to a whole new level.

Do you have any other new releases coming soon?

I do! The Sinners comes out at the end of May.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today Daniele.

Blurred Lines released May 10. 2019
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About the Author

Author Daniele Lanzarotta

Daniele Lanzarotta is the author of young adult and new adult paranormal/fantasy/ contemporary novels, including the Academy of the Fallen Series, the Sudden Hope novels, and A Mermaid’s Curse Trilogy.

Daniele is also a filmmaker and CEO & Founder of Elysian Nightfall Studios. She has recently worked on Virginia based short films as the 2nd Assistant Director and Still Photographer. Daniele is currently working on the development stage for the adaptation of her novel, Sudden Hope, which she also plans to film in VA. She is also working on other film and writing projects.

She enjoys watching hockey, playing Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and spending time with her husband, two daughters, and the family dog.

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