Author Invasion: Kallie Ross

By Olea Sprig

Sun & Moon Tribune

HAVENWOOD FALLS – Today we welcome Kallie Ross. Ross has written Promise the Moon, her newest release in the Havenwood Falls High series. Ross’s other Havenwood Falls books also feature members of the Kasun Wolf Pack and include Written in the Stars, Pack of Lies and Defying Gravity.

Do you have a muse?
I’m a teacher, and the high school students I teach inspire a lot of my young adult stories. Specifically, I had a pair of brothers my first few years of teaching who I modeled two of my main characters in the first book I wrote. Usually, my main female characters are young women I want to be like when I grow up.

What has been your most favorite vacation, and have you written it in any of your books?
I’ve been to New York City several times, and the location was the perfect setting for my first Cupid Chronicles novel. The city is full of life, culture, and mysterious places where the supernatural could go unnoticed.

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?
This is a fun idea, and I immediately thought of fictional characters…I hope that’s okay! LOL! I’d love to be stuck with Wonder Woman, Stiles (from Teen Wolf, because I just finished binge watching the series), Rory Gilmore, Han Solo, and Sherlock Holmes. We’d all be best friends after and have the most epic GIF wars.

If you lived in Havenwood Falls who would you be or what would you be?
I wrote Willa Kasun when Havenwood Falls High was just being imagined, and she is the fiercest, most self-assured character I’ve ever written. I love her ability to be objective, and her desire to want to protect her family and friends.

Thank you, Kallie for your time.
Kallie’s novella releases Friday April 12, 2019
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About the Author

author kallie ross

Kallie Ross has a passion for writing that has become an adventure in itself. She desires to create unique young adult fiction that incorporates legend, conjecture, fantasy, and conviction.

In addition to loving her life as a writer, Kallie adores being a wife, mother, friend, and teacher. She began her creative journey with books, a blog, podcast, and lots of caffeine. Ross never imagined her own adventure would be filled with so many wonderful people or words!

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