It’s release day for Changing Fate, a Legends of Havenwood Falls novella by USA Today Bestselling Author Char Webster! This historical fantasy features vila warriors, fae, and other paranormal creatures you’re bound to find in the town of Havenwood Falls.

Changing Fate

By Char Webster
Series: Legends of Havenwood Falls
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 7, 2019
Cover Design: Regina Wamba,

Only 99c through this weekend!

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For a vila warrior, love only comes with death.

During World War I, vila warrior Jerina Ventus’s life irrevocably changed when she saved a wounded soldier’s life and helped him return to his hometown in Colorado. Twenty-five years later, she’s restless and longing for another adventure beyond her forest. Little does she know, her sister Kosa will deliver the opportunity to her.

Thane Beltaine grew up hearing stories about the beautiful and fierce immortal warrior who saved his father’s life. When Jerina’s sister Kosa shows up in his hometown on the arm of a wicked mage, Thane volunteers to find Jerina and bring her back. He never expected to meet the woman who was more legend than real and definitely didn’t think they would clash about every little thing.

Jerina’s temper and patience are tested as they travel to Colorado to rescue her sister, who at first seems reluctant to be saved. She needs to outsmart the mage and find a way to release Kosa from his control, and she needs Thane’s help to do this.

Reluctantly, they work together to save Kosa, and an unexpected love begins to grow. But vila are cursed to never find true love—and if they do, he will quickly die a gruesome death.

Join us in the Havenwood Falls Book Club on Facebook later today as we celebrate today’s release with a party! Characters from past and present will be dropping in to tell us about their choice sweet treats at Jerina’s favorite place in Havenwood Falls – Charms Soda Shoppe. There will be fun and giveaways!

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