Character Chaos: Clarke Price

By Olea Sprig

Clarke Price

In this issue of Character Chaos, we are with Clarke Price. Price currently stars in Cast in Moonlight by USA Today bestselling author Ali Winters, which released February 8. We have been lucky enough to have Clarke chat with us today.

So, Clarke, I know you are new to town, but do you have a crush yet?

Seth. But don’t tell him. His ego is big enough as it is.

I think we can keep that secret. 🙂 What do you want to be when you graduate?

I’m not sure. We’ve moved around so much, I never had much of a chance to try anything out until now, but I think I’d like photography.

Photography is such a great creative outlet, and fun. What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

Humm… there’s so many to choose from. One of the more recent ones might be almost breaking my leg on what I was told was the “smallest patch of ice in town.”

(Laughs) You are probably not the only one.! Who would you turn to if you needed help?

My family. Always my family, and I think now I would feel safe turning to Seth as well.

It’s always nice to know you have family to watch your back. 

Well, Clarke had to get back to class, but don’t despair. We have more characters and authors to hound in the following weeks, so stay tuned.

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