Character Chaos: Willa Kasun

By Olea Sprig

Sun & Moon Tribune

We have been lucky enough to have a little time to chat with Willa Kasun today. Kasun stars in several Havenwood Falls High novellas including the newest release Promise the Moon, by Kallie Ross.

So Willa where is your favorite place in Havenwood Falls?
Definitely my family’s loft above Backwoods Sport & Ski. It’s not only a place I can get away from all the testosterone at our cabin, but it’s the perfect venue for a sleepover with Scarlet & Elle.
What is your favorite class and teacher?
Ms. Bast is the best history teacher! She has a way of bringing the past to life and making it feel relevant.
Who is your crush?
Tarron, of course! He’s hot, in a Legolas (Lord of the Rings) meets Flynn Rider (Tangled) kind of way.
What do you want to be when you graduate?
I’ll be working towards leading the Kasun Pack as Alpha, and to become a good leader I’ll be studying Social Work. Someday, I hope to help and serve the entire community in Havenwood Falls.
What are your favorite after school activites?
Archery is my new passion, thanks to Tarron. There’s something empowering about focusing all of my attention and strength into one shot.
What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
I think NOT shifting at the same time the other teens in my pack did was embarrassing, and it kept being embarrassing for almost three years.
What is your best memory?
Last year’s Homecoming was pretty epic, but I have a feeling there are so many more memories to be made since it’s my senior year!
Who would you turn to if you needed help?
My friends are who I always go to first, but I have an amazing family. My dad is the town’s sheriff, and my brothers have a knack for stepping in and helping me when I don’t even know I need it.

Well that is all the time we have with Willa, Alpha training never ends. You can read more about Willa in the new release Promise the Moon, she is also in Written in the Stars. You can read about her family in Pack of Lies (LHF) and Defying Gravity (HWF).


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