Author Invasion: C.J. Pinard

By Olea Sprig

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — This week we have had the opportunity to sit down with the USA Today bestselling author C.J. Pinard. Pinard has written Affliction Mine, a Havenwood Falls novella. She is also the author of over 30 novels and short stories and mostly writes contemporary/new adult and paranormal romance. Some of her other works include: Daughters of Darkness series and Imperfect Heroes series, plus many more.

Pinard has taken some time today to answer some of our questions.

What made you want to start writing?

A story in my head that wouldn’t shut up. (Enchanted Immortals)

What is a book that has inspired you?

There are too many to name!

Who is an author you look up to?

I love me some Stephen King stories, but there are so many others I love to read, too.

Who would you want to be stuck in an elevator with?

Ryan Reynolds… lol #LoveInAnElevator

How to you come up with character names?

This is a loaded question. I’ve been known to make up names, and I’ve been known to have fans choose them.

If you lived in Havenwood Falls, who would you be or what would you be?

Human 🙂 Ignorance is bliss.

Out of all of the books you have written, which one is your favorite?

Seriously? This is like asking me to choose my favorite child! Kidding. Kovah: Soul Seeker. Freaking awesome character. If you like angry, tattooed vampire-human hybrids, he’s your guy.

What is your go-to genre to read?

Paranormal Romance. Hands down.

Do you have any other new releases coming soon?

I do. Last book in my Reverse Harem Fantasy book comes out this month.

What is your favorite food?

Pizza. Duh.

Thank you C.J. for your time and for answering some of our questions.

Affliction Mine releases February 22. 2019

Make sure to get your copy and leave a review when you have finished

Stop by the Havenwood Falls Fan Club on Facebook for the release party

Friday 2/22   4-10pm ET.


C.J. Pinard

C.J. is a USA Today Bestselling author living in Colorado. Lover of red wine, wearer of fabulous shoes, and a die-hard Niner fan, she’s also an editor at heart. She’s the author of over 25 novels and short stories that contain both contemporary/new adult and paranormal romance that are a little bit badass, a little heart-wrenching, and sorta funny (to her, anyway). Almost all of her books usually contain law enforcement or military undertones, since strong, brave, alpha men and women are her weaknesses. When she’s not writing, she can be found working at a very strange day job, which may or may not have some mild influences on her gripping stories—so strange, in fact, she may just write a book about it one day.





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