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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Shelf Indulgence! My name is Sedona Mathews, and if you’re looking for your next favorite read, I’m your girl. Books are my life and there’s no greater joy than escaping into a story that captures your imagination and leaves you a little breathless at the end. I get a lot of readers stopping by my store, asking for my recommendation on what to read next. That’s why I’ve decided to do a fun spotlight each week called WhatchaReadingWednesday, or #WRW for the hashtag savvy!

So let’s dive in, okay? Are you ready to swoon and discover your next book boyfriend?

First up, who hear loves a great mermaid romance? Havenwood Falls is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains, but I often daydream about spending the day by the ocean or a beautiful lake. That’s why I loved reading Shiny Dancer by Desiree Lafawn. It’s set in another small town called Aurora Falls where there’s a lake full of immortal warriors looking for their soul mates! Once I started reading about Charli who didn’t want to come home, but needed to for her sister’s wedding, I couldn’t wait to see what happened. Kristofer . . . that’s who happened next, and oo-la-la . . . he’ll make you happy sigh. Charli isn’t looking for love, but sometimes the heart has a different plan. I loved this story and I think you will too! It’s a definite #OneClick for me!

Next, I recently read The Isle of Gold by Seven Jane. If you love historical romance and pirates, this is definitely a book you should download. I had a hard time putting this one down, and even Micah laughed at me because I pretty much didn’t do anything that day but read. It consumed me! The story is set in 1716 and tells the tale of Merrin Smith, an orphan who is desperate to unravel the secrets of her past. She doesn’t know why she’s there on Isla Perla, so when she sees a chance to leave on a pirate ship, she disguises herself as a sailor! The problem is, she’d didn’t pick just any ship . . . she’s on board the Riptide, and the captain is the notorious Erik Winters! I don’t want to spoil too much, but this leads Merrin to another woman searching answers, Miss. Evangeline Dahl. The Isle Gold has been described as “Epic!” and a wonderful tale where “Myths come to life!” Don’t forget to come back to Shelf Indulgence and let me know what you think!

Lastly, I was reading through some book blogs I love to visit (a bookstore owner needs to keep her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the book world, right?) and came across a book that will be releasing soon! If you’re like me and get distracted, you can preorder it now, so it’ll automatically be delivered to your eReaders on the day. Man, I love how convenient reading is now!

The First 100 Kisses by Danielle Bannister releases March 29th, and it’s about one of my most favorite things . . . kissing! It’s a steamy read about two friends who become lovers. How? When Liam asked his best friend Chloe to help him to practice his moves before an important date with a former sweetheart. Seems harmless right? What’s a 100 kisses when you’re wanting to see your BFF succeed and you have zero romantic feelings for him? Trouble. Delicious, swoonworthy trouble! I’ve already preordered my copy so don’t forget to click on one of the links below and get yours! 

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