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By Sedona Mathews
Shelf Indulgence

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Shelf Indulgence! My name is Sedona Mathews, and if you’re looking for your next favorite read, I’m your girl. Books are my life and there’s no greater joy than escaping into a story that captures your imagination and leaves you a little breathless at the end. I get a lot of readers stopping by my store, asking for my recommendation on what to read next. That’s why I’ve decided to do a fun spotlight each week called #WhatchaReadingWednesday, or #WRW for the hashtag savvy!

One of my favorite tropes to read EVER are those stories that deal with second chances to love and redemption! It isn’t about falling in love with a sexy bad boy but being totally caught up in the emotional journey two characters make. I know I’m not alone in this because quite a few of my customers come into my store, craving books that make them feel. They don’t just want swoon but angst. They want to find themselves holding their breath during those pivotal scenes where defenses come crashing down and the hero/heroine bears it all. That kind of vulnerability is enticing, and personally, it helps me be a little braver in being myself. #readingisamazingtherapy

I love this trope so much that I’ve split my list of recommendations in TWO! So make sure you stop by next Wednesday as well to hear about more fabulous books. You ready to #oneclick? Let’s go …

First up, I am in LOVE with this new-to-me author. SF Benson has totally blown me away and I’m finding myself devouring her entire Another Falls Creek series. There’s currently 5 books all together, but I’m going to share my two favorites: Letting Go (#3) and Broken Faith (#5).

They need each other more than they know.

You’ll soon learn I’m a sucker for taglines, and Letting Go has an amazing one. This is the story of a wraith who after a chance encounter saves the life of a human. They’re at odds with each other because the human just wants to die, and the wraith, a man who once served Caesar Augustus, wants more than anything to survive. When you stop fighting for what can never be again, do you give in or simply let go? This story is just soooo good! I found myself wanting to read faster because I couldn’t get enough!

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I have a soft spot for angels. Call me biased, I know I’m dating one, but I loved the dark, sexy angel in Broken Faith. SF Benson definitely knows how to not only tug on the heartstrings but draw out every ounce of emotion in her readers. Theseon is no stranger to keeping souls from Heaven but when he meet’s Grace, she changes everything. Is love enough to redeem a dark soul? Better still, can it erase dark beginnings and point to the light? I read this in one sitting!
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Next up, I discovered the fabulous author, K. Ross! She has a bunch of great books that I can’t wait to read, but for today, I want to shine a spotlight on her Cupids Series. Great news is her first novella, Evelyn, is currently FREE on Amazon! This is a novella about love and loss, about finding the courage to give love a second chance. What makes this an amazing read is Evelyn is a Cupid. The author has created a unique take on cupids and their role in the world.

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I was excited to see once I finished the novella, there was a full-length novel that continued Evelyn’s story called Unbreakable. The stakes are even higher now and she must carefully navigate love while walking the line between light and darkness. Seriously guys, you NEED to get these two books! #angelsaremyweakness

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Lastly, I downloaded a copy of Gabe by author Desiree LaFawn. This is the first book in her Glass City Hearts series, and it’s a great romantic suspense story to read. It was NON-STOP action that made my heart race from page to page. I loved the way that Gabe was described as “a suit wearing man by day and mercenary at night” by other readers. This was a perfect second chance at love story because Gabe felt so much regret letting Angel go all those years ago, but once she walked back into his life, in his own words … she does need me, and she’s going to get me, because I’m not letting her go again. This was a five star read for me so I can’t wait to see what you all think about it! Also, I have it on good authority that this book is going on sale!
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That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy my recommendations! Comment below if there’s a certain trope or genre you’re interested in.

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