HAVENWOOD FALLS — As we’ve been reporting at Sun & Moon Tribune, authors from around the world have been flooding into our charming town and writing stories about our people. Gallad Augustine, a member of the powerful Augustine family and the Luna Coven, has been one of the most recent targets. While Reawakened is supposed to be a fictional account (as ordered by the Court of the Sun & the Moon), we’re not so sure. We sat down with Augustine for an exclusive interview to learn more about him.

Tell us about yourself – e.g., who are you, what do you do for work, favorite subject in school, what do you do for fun?

I’ve never really done one of these interviews before but should be easy, right? I’m Gallad. I’m a witch, my grandma is a high council member of the Luna Coven as well as within our own family coven, the Augustines. I plan to be her successor one day—I’m sure others do too, but I’m a prime candidate. I’m training for it now, putting in my time working with the summer program, teaching the histories of the supernaturals at the Sun and Moon Academy, the private school.

What is something unexpected that most people don’t know about you?

I actually don’t mind working with the summer program. I love books. I love to study—most don’t know that.

What do you love about living in/visiting Havenwood Falls? What frustrates you most?

I love everything about it. There’s always some kind of excitement going on in the town. But most of all I love that I fell in love with Macy Blackstone here. Nothing really frustrates me too much. Things usually go my way, people like me for the most part, and life is good.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

I would like to travel and see places, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather live. I love it in Havenwood Falls. My future is in Havenwood Falls.

Where’s your favorite place to hang out in Havenwood Falls and why?

Spending time in the vines just walking with Macy is one of them, and the town library was before it burned down. I hope the new one is just as special.

What’s your favorite holiday/festival/special thing to do?

I love them all. I like to watch all the town’s people get worked up with all the different events and decorations and traditions. I see the importance for all the community events, but I would much rather watch them than participate. I do like any events at the falls though—those are pure magic.

Loyal to his town through and through, we commend young Gallad and must believe the tales he disclosed to Morgan Wylie, author of Reawakened, were just that–fairy tales. Any truths she may have revealed could not have come from this up-and-coming member and future leader of the upstanding Augustine family. You can question Wylie about her story during the Havenwood Falls Book Club meeting today, Oct. 21, when she’ll be visiting LIVE via video, starting at 10:30 a.m. MT (12:30 p.m. ET).

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