It’s release day for Stray With Me, Havenwood Falls Sin & Silk series, by E.J. Fechenda! You don’t want to miss this story of Harlow Augustine, a witch in one of our Old Families, and Ryker Pride, lion shifting biker in the SIN MC.

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She’s a rich witch with deep roots. He’s a shifter biker with none. When a passionate fling becomes more, it may also turn deadly.

Being a witch isn’t all magic potions and conjuring up great outfits, especially when your last name is Augustine. As a descendant of a founding family of Havenwood Falls and granddaughter of a high priestess of their coven, she’s been raised to adhere to certain expectations—suffocating and annoying expectations. Dating a biker is the exact opposite of those.

At first, it’s an act of rebellion. Ryker “Crusher” Pride, enforcer in Swords of the Infernal Night motorcycle club, is like a forbidden fruit. Where she has deep roots in town and a big family, Ryker is an orphan lion shifter who grew up on the streets. His family is the MC—“thugs and outlaws,” according to her grandmother.

Ryker’s brothers are convinced Harlow will break his heart and return to her side of the tracks. But what started as simple lust grows deeper. Ryker gives Harlow strength to stand up to her family. She inspires in him the desire to settle down and make a permanent home. When tragedy strikes, Harlow makes a rash decision out of love and quickly learns that her magic has consequences—deadly consequences that could cause Harlow to lose Ryker and be banished from Havenwood Falls.

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