Wrath and Retribution, a Legends of Havenwood Falls novella by Belinda Boring, is now live! If you’ve read Blood and Damnation, the wait has surely been painful after that ending, but now it’s finally over. Grab yours while it’s only 99c!

Wrath and Retribution

By Belinda Boring
Series: Legends of Havenwood Falls
Genre: Historical Paranormal
Release Date: May 3, 2019
Cover Design: Regina Wamba, MaeIDesign.com

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In this highly anticipated conclusion to Blood and Damnation, cursed vampire Marcus St. James must choose between wrath and retribution—or love.

Following a lead from a seer, Marcus St. James left Victorian England and has landed in Havenwood Falls, still searching for Catriona, the girl who’d managed to break through his fortress and ensnare his heart. He’s been searching for her for over a year, since the night she was captured by gypsies and stolen away. But it seems he and his trusted assistant Knox have traveled halfway around the world only to arrive at a dead end.

Cursed to exist as a blood-drinker, Marcus is no stranger to gossip and speculation, so when dead bodies start appearing in Havenwood Falls, he is immediately under suspicion. With two telltale vampire fang marks scarring each body, fear begins to circulate, bringing his own investigation into Catriona’s whereabouts to a grinding halt.

But once the dust starts to settle, a new discovery threatens to shatter his world, forcing Marcus to make his most devastating choice yet. Will he forgo his thirst for retribution and abandon justice to keep the peace? Or will his wrath be his undoing and leave him forever cursed?

Join us as we celebrate the release in the Havenwood Falls Book Club, today from 4 to 10 pm ET. Characters from Havenwood Falls will be dropping in to share a story about a time they were falsely accused of something…but was it false? You decide!

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