Everett Weston from Covetousness, a Havenwood Falls Novella, by Randi Cooley Wilson

Everett Weston, one of our most eligible bachelors, discusses his life so far in Havenwood Falls.

HAVENWOOD FALLS — Today the Sun & Moon Tribune sits down with one of our new additions to town and one of our most eligible bachelors, Everett Weston. Weston has established Weston Architectural Designs, specializing in restoration of our many Victorian-era mansions and structures in town. He’s been contracted to design the new library after the devastating fire last March, but seems to be getting a little cozy with his new interior designer, Graysin Ravenal.

Tell us about yourself – e.g., who are you, what do you do for work, favorite subject in school, what do you do for fun?

Okay. My name is Everett Weston, I own Weston Designs in Havenwood Falls, Colorado. Before coming to Havenwood Falls, I lived in Spain and worked for an architecture firm own by Gage Gallagher. At the moment, I don’t really have a lot of hobbies, I kind of have my hands full in Havenwood Falls, so that doesn’t leave a lot of downtime. I do read, and I love The Revelation Series by Randi Cooley Wilson. For  . . . reasons.

What is something unexpected that most people don’t know about you?

I hate crows.

What do you love about living in/visiting Havenwood Falls? What frustrates you most?

Havenwood Falls is charming. There are a lot of festivals. And excellent coffee.  If I had to point out a flaw, it would be that the dark corners are dark.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

Barcelona, where I was born and raised.

Where’s your favorite place to hang out in Havenwood Falls and why?

My office. I have a new interior designer whom I find . . . amusing.

What’s your favorite holiday/festival/special thing to do?

I’ve recently become quite fond of bonfires.

Well, he’s not the most talkative man, is he? Learn more about this sexy beast charming gentleman in Covetousness by Randi Cooley Wilson.

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