Character Chaos: Zane

By Olea Sprig
Sun & Moon Tribune

HAVENWOOD FALLS – In this issue of Character Chaos, we are talking with Zane, who stars in Blurred Lines, a Havenwood Falls High novella by Daniele Lanzarotta, which released May 10, 2019. We are so happy to be able to speak with Zane today.

Zane, where is your favorite place in Havenwood Falls?

The library. It’s quiet, peaceful…and it has become mine and Heidi’s safe place.

What is one secret you are willing to tell us?

I have no secrets.

Do you have any annoying habits?

People complain about my inability to answer questions. I’m think I’m doing pretty good today…

What is your best memory?

The first time I saw Heidi dancing at the Serendipity Dance Studio. The look in her eyes… her smile… it was the happiest I had ever seen her.

Thank you for your time today, Zane. I can see Heidi waiting by the library for you.

Want to know more about Zane and Heidi?
You can read about them in Avenoir and Blurred Lines.
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